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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bushfires in Eastern Victoria

Although we are in no danger from the bushfires, as we have a 2k wide lake between the fire and us, I thought I'd let you see what the sky looked like this afternoon at 2.30pm.
We have had a week of smoke filled sky -looking as if it was about to pour rain. We also had some clear sunny days, when the smoke was blown toward Melbourne, over 300 kilometers away. People in Melbourne have been worse off than us and many have respiratory problems, aggravated by the smoke.
There was a grey sky all morning and the smell of smoke has heavier than usual. Not too bad though. Then by 2pm it started to become very dark and half an hour later we needed to turn on the lights to see our way around the house.

I decided to make our meal at 4pm in case the power went out again. No problem. The electricity is still on. The last two pics are lighter as a very turbulent strong wind came through and blew most of the smoke away, but still left us at 5pm with no lightening of the sky.

I pity the people who are fighting the fires, who have lost homes and properties and those poor devils who are still waiting and hoping the fire will pass by or die out. I can't imagine the heat and awful conditions they are bearing with.


Blogger Sarah E. in Texas said...

Hey there! I just found your blog through Sharon B. and the TAST thing. Your pieces are so imaginative! But I had to keep looking through, and when I saw these pics of the fires, well, I had to stop for a moment and just look. I cannot imagine the level of fear or even terror that one must endure getting through an event like that. My heart goes out to you and yours, and I'm full of admiration that you would even consider posting pics of such a disaster. They are truly frightening.

8:23 am  
Blogger crazyQstitcher said...

Sarah, we were never in danger from the fire. Hopefully the heavy constant rain has put an end to the devastating fires. I have not heard anything official that they are.
I look again at my photos and find it hard to believe the day turned so nightlike in mid afternoon. We've sweltered in temps in the high 30's and wonder how those poor blighters endure the heat from direct fires. They are so generous and brave facing the flames and tornado like conditions. I believe they work 3 days on and 3 days off. We have had many overseas volunteers helping. They deserve much more than mere thanks.

5:08 am  

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