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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday

I started out experimenting with the herringbone to make a tree. I made 3 rows in cotton 8 perle for the trunk and also the branches. Then I overworked the trunk with chenille a couple of times and a last row of the green thread again. The star shape uses wool, 2 ply DMC white and metallic/cotton thread.

My 'sane' seam using dyed silk thread with variegated DMC in between. Maybe I'll add delica beads, to liven it up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of these are wondrful...i love the tree to tell the truth....i think it works many times do we see folioge indicated byt not fully delineated...we know what it is....and it needs to be something indicated in a bigger piece, but it;s sometimes so hard to know exactly how....this is a wonderful way to do it!

The star is very imaginiative, I would not have thought to do it that way! and of course your seam is lovely, very sweet colors together...all in all, Maureen, wonderfull wonderfull stuff!


11:53 am  
Blogger Susan said...

These are wonderful, and I spy a bit of twisted herringbone over there next to the tree, too! I love the tree.

7:20 pm  
Blogger Ati. said...

Very nice Maureen, I never came to the idea to make a tree with the herringbone stitch, you did and it turned out pretty well. "See" you next week.

2:14 am  
Blogger Nina In Norway said...

Wow! I need to come back....
Right now I am up to something else...

You have been tagged…….and now you have to visit my blog…..
Have a nice day!

6:27 pm  

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