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Sunday, April 22, 2007

TAST Weeks14 Bonnet stitch and 15 Oyster stitch

The Bonnet Stitch came out strangely the first time, but I realized after that it had to be worked from right to left. Also I hadn't caught the thread at the bottom, so I ended with a detached and narrowing line. I tried a single version, a face to face in green/red and a back to back in green/violet.

This one I wanted to try to see how oversewing the stitch would look. It could be good in other colours as a sea bed.

Then I tried a square

and a doodle of up and down stitches

and of course, a tree. For the trunk I made wider bites and kept the height's worked sideways.

Week 15 was for Oyster Stitch. What a trial. It took ages to get it to look right, though I am not saying that I did it correctly. I went through several metres of threads before getting the stitches to stop unravelling.

I found the three detached 'buds' sat well in a fine doubled-wool thread and I turned them into a snail and a butterfly.

The roses were a terror to do in knitted, silky floss. No way would they stay unless I stitched them down somewhere. The chain stitch keep slipping upward. I tried several methods to keep them as the diagram showed, but no luck.
A bit of judicious green stitching and they look okay to me.

Lastly the flower and buds in A'broder and they sat as nicely as you could wish for. I hope next week's stitch is easy.. or do I? The challenge is just that and I sure have had to work at some of the stitches lately.


Blogger Pat Winter said...

Sandie, I tagged you for the "Thinking Bloggers award but your addy came back as unknown. You can view info on my blog,
Pat W

5:15 am  
Blogger Doreen G said...

Your work is amazing and I like how you experiment.
I know you had to put the extra stitch on the ribbon oyster flowers but they look great.

6:09 am  
Blogger Thelma said...

I think your stitches have turned out very nice. You are very creative.

1:06 am  

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