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Friday, May 18, 2007

TAST Week 20 Butterfly Chain

Here's a strange thing. I photographed my Straight stitch pic upside down and it looks like a mountain with water in the foreground..even a jellyfish. And the Lake the right way up. I used this week's Butterfly Chain sitch to make the border.

Thick cream crochet cotton here and probably the best for seeing the stitch .

Simply a kite.

The blue flower was an experiment of how the stitches would look turned about. I kept the chain stitch to one end.

I've used 6 strands of cotton thread for the centre and chenille for the next row, stitching in the empty spaces of the centre row. I kept the chain stitch at the outer end of the stitch. Lastly I used two fine wool threads and alternated a long butterfly stitch above the first row and a short one above the chenille, keeping the chain in the middle this time and it has come out wavy.

I tried beads on a short seam line and they sat well. I had to make sure the spaces between uprights were wide so they would pull in properly.

As I've been using some TAST stitches on quilt blocks I should declare that I have a WISP started for our UFO Challenge
This is a seam with white rayon thread and chained with gold. It looks quite classy in real life.

I like it when doing the first part of a combination stitch I find that it also looks good before completion. Don't blame the stitches for not looking good, it's just my poor camera work. They look rich against the off-white material and light fawn lace.

The same seam completed. I cheated and Just caught the chain underneath to keep it stable.

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