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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The lone survivor

In my November archives there are pics of this apple tree which had 13 apples on it. The only apples to have appeared in 20 years.
While we were away from home there had been a windstorm and only 2 apples survived. This beauty and the other wizened, but tenaciously
clinging on. I thought I'd better photograph the apple as DH has been eyeing it often and asking when it is to be removed.
It is a Granny Smith apple and my favourite. There is a great recipe also in the October archives for a Dutch Apple Cake from Ati.


Blogger Sew-in-Love said...

I love Granny Smiths too! For a long time, they were the only apples I would eat!!!

My mum grew an apple tree from a pip about the year I was born, Bramleys, I think. It took over a dozen years to fruit.


11:45 pm  

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