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Saturday, February 03, 2007

TAST Chevron Stitch

More example of sitches, this time using Chevron.
If I played a bit more with the green version I think I could make a basket.

The first speaks for itself and the second has many variations for decorating the Chevron. Using only the Chevron, back to back, it looks like smocking. Double clicking on any of the pics will give better detail.

The next one I bent and felt that this had possibilities, so I made

a garden archway by whipping the ends of the stitch. This was the easiest and quickest I've ever made an archway. I like the way the stitch bends, shrinks and stretches so well, I think you could use it as a pathway among other things.

The rest of my samples are on a crazy patched block that I made when I first started CQ-ing.


Anonymous Gayle in California, USA said...

I love the archway! Just might have to steal-borrow-use that idea on a CQ block. Really nice.

6:03 pm  
Blogger Ati. said...

You made a whole collection;-)
I like the arch, what a good idea!
Can we borrow that someday?

7:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love the stitches in the second photo where you put a different layer on each stitch. What a great idea.


12:51 pm  
Blogger crazyQstitcher said...

Again, thanks for your comments.
If anyone fancies copying anything I do on the blog or using it to bend their way, that's fine by me. I am pleased to think anyone would like to do that.

11:13 pm  
Blogger indah said...

Muy hermoso tu blog. Lo he disfrutado. Gracias :)

9:05 am  
Blogger crazyQstitcher said...

hee hee according to the free translator, the last comment meant 'my hero of the blog. he comes from clouds descending. Cutie.'

Regardless, I appreciate the comment. thank you Indah

8:17 pm  
Blogger Anita said...

Wow, that's really a very pretty stitch, I should try it soon for one of my littel cq hearts!

What a lovely garden archway, you have a very inspirational blog!

4:37 am  

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