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Monday, November 27, 2006

Edmar Thread Holder

This is the thread holder and puller for the Brazilian threads. Each section holds one skein and carries up to 16 skeins.
The puller is a stiff plastic strip that you fold at one end. Hope this helps those who asked for more information.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fabric Postcards

Here are two of my received postcards. The Santa one was made by Margaret, who has turned the edges and backed the card with a second piece of material. So neat. Soooo lovely to look at.
Kate sent the blue card from Denmark and is quilted, which isn't showing up on the pic.
I am getting a beautiful collection now.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Postman cometh

These are my latest goodies to arrive.
Julia's beautiful postcard with Santa who seems to be looking through my holly decorated window, to see if I've been good enough to receive presents. Holding the card in hand, it really does look like a window and I love it.

The other beautiful card is from Sandie and I love the delicate, gold only treatment. So classy isn't it.

Next is the TeaTimeTreat block from Gayle. It has an amazing lot of work on this one. Such teeny seed beads on the small, fine blue braid. And the shishas are fabulous.

Last but not least is another TTT block from Margaret and the center panel has been finely stitched also. As I had 5 of these blocks arrive I've decided to make a table runner with them. I may make it the 2007 UFO challenge. They will look good when I have friends in for afternoon tea. Anyone for a cuppa?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Postcard from Catherine

I received Catherine's fabulous postcard today. It is so well made, slender, very firm and has a hand drawn stamp on it. The scallop pattern on the edge is machine done and even close up in my hand looks a treat.

I would love to see Catherine at work making these cards.

Thank you Catherine for the lovely card.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still more hearts

I've not been idle this week, as I have made 21 hearts. Apart from the one for Denmark, all these, plus another 10 will be posted to the Chain of Hearts for swapping there.

I think the roll I was on, has come to an end. LOL

Monday, November 06, 2006

Heading for the Chain of Hearts

Preview of hearts

This one has a home in Denmark

More postcards

I have to admit I am now addicted to making these postcards. They are so easy and such fun to do.
The Victorian one is for my friend Kate and I am certain that Julia Camilleri and Pat Winter were by my shoulder egging me on to 'add just one more thing'. LOL

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another Garden Surprise

About 20 years ago my DH planted apple seeds in the garden. It was only a holiday home then and since living full time here he has spent these years tending this tree.
Last year we had about 4 lots of blossom on one side of the tree. First blossom ever.

This year we have many more blossoms and wonder of wonders, we now have 13 tiny apples.

I just had to record this fruit for posterity. I think we are going to wear the apples out, by looking daily at them. We think they are most likely to be Granny Smith apples, even though they have some red on them at the moment.

Kookaburra in the garden

Because of the drought here, the animals are coming closer to the house.
This lovely bird was perched on the fence about 10ft from the front door. We hear them laughing often, but rarely do they come close. I grabbed the camera and in my haste to get a picture, before he flew away, was trembling and jolly near lopped off the top of his head.

I didn't need to hurry at all as he sat and posed for ages.
I am not sure if the brown blobs in the grass show up for you, but they are the kangaroos little bits of fertilizer LOL. The lawns are heavily strewn with these.

The kookaburra is about 12" from head to tail tip and about 10" around the middle.
I think he may be young as his head feathers are fluffy, not smooth as the older birds look.

I was given this site
should you like to hear a kookaburra laugh.

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